Whaea Natasha

Tēnā koutou e te whānau, he mihi māhana tēnei ki a koutou.

These are simple activities that will support your child's learning no matter what.  By routinely repeating these over and over again these key learning focuses will help embed the vital skills that will seriously assist your child's academic progress.

Options and ways to support your child's Learning From Home...

Ngā Rauemi - Pānui:

He Waiata Arapū - He Waiata Arapū

Te Waiata Pū -Te Waiata Pū

Ngā Kūoro - Ngā Kūoro

He Waiata Kūoro -  He Waiata- Kūoro

Ngā Raumei - Tuhi Pū:

Ngā Rauemi - Tuhi Pū

Ngā Rauemi - Pāngarau

He Waiata ki te Tekau - He Waiata ki te Tekau

He Waiata ki te Rua Tekau -He Waiata ki te Rua Tekau

He Kēmu  Pāngarau, Tāpiri - He Kēmu Pāngarau, Tāpiri 

Hard Copy Packs:  Available on request, downloadable here or we can print and courier this to your home as long as we have the correct address.

Online in class:  Manawanui 

Online via class sites:  (specific learning options in order to learn planned programme)  Manawanui 

Online via this class page:  (generic learning options in order to practice & develop skills as above) Akomanga Manawanui 

If by any chance your whānau need to implement Learning From Home (LFH) they are able to access these learning options available to Manawanui here.

To be 'in class' if everything works this can be accessed for Akomanga Manawanui with Whaea Natasha at:  Manawanui - Hui Ataata Kūkara

Just click the link, or use via any device available to you including smart phones as long as you have downloaded the free Google Meet app.