He Karere


He Pānui 25 Mahuru 2021 - Highlights

I will be sending a series of emails this weekend to cover off several things for this last week of term. These include:

· Taiopenga this Thursday 8.00am until 4pm to celebrate 30 years

· Student progress reports

· Behaviour challenges

· 1 and 18 October

TAIOPENGA: Taiopenga / Festival or Carnival – to celebrate 30 years of Whakawātea: Please refer to my previous email if you need assistance to understand more of the details. My ideal has always been to give our tamariki a Taiopenga - carnival / festival type experience they can enjoy without needing money to do so. This event is also an enormous privilege as a result, tamariki who choose to behave inappropriately may also by default choose the consequence of staying at home this Thursday. (He Pānui - 25 Mahuru 2021, as per the link below for all the details)

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