Te Moemoea o Whakawātea
me Ngā Uara



Whakawātea sincerely believes in “Tohu Tamariki’, tamariki: tama is derived from Tama-te-ra the central sun, the divine spark; ariki, refers to senior most status, and riki, on its own can mean a smaller version. Tamariki is the Māori word for children.

Children are the greatest legacy the world community has. Also, “Te Aorangi”, a person’s education is based on his or her experiences and understandings.

The University of Hawaiki is the universe. Education in this context knows no boundaries. The model shows a Māori educational framework where institutions do not stand in isolation but actually merge into each other.

Pere, R. T. Te Wheke: A Celebration of Infinite Wisdom. 1991

Child of the Universe

There are no boundaries to your learning—’pure ubiquity’

In order to succeed within the university of Hawaiki, Whakawātea promotes and delivers brain based learning and teaching that addresses the implications of education in the future. We are dedicated to whole brain, holistic and accelerated learning that connects them to learning for life. Technology assists us further by empowering us to deliver a ubiquitous learning environment.

We honour our tamariki with their rightful status of ‘Rangatira’, these treasures are our future and it is their birthright to be immersed in an equitable educational environment that celebrates their mauri, their brilliance and their individuality. Whakawātea to us, means ‘set free’. Through quality ubiquitous education tamariki will achieve self-actualisation.