He Pānui - 3 Whiringa-ā-rangi 2016

Post date: Nov 16, 2016 12:56:43 AM


Tēnā koutou e te whānau 3 Whiringa-ā-rangi 2016

Mā te kahukura ka rere te manu – “Ko te tamaiti te mea nui”

KURA PHOTOS – 8 NOVEMBER: These are happening on 8 November, next week - Tuesday and we need payments sent within the envelope that was sent home last week before photo day. Any payments made by cheque need to be made out to Kinder Ward Photography. The cost of photos can NOT be put on your kura accounts, they NEED to be paid in advance in CASH before photo day.

THANK YOU MORNING TEA – 15 NOVEMBER at 10.30am: As is usual this is the occasion when our tamariki go to huge effort to thank those generous people who have helped out so generously with donations and time throughout 2016 and these have been substantial this year. We count on whanau, you to supply a plate of exceptional home baking please. The kai does not have to be legal for these occasions either – just perfect beautiful food befitting of the huge effort our kura and our tamariki go to ensure that those who have assisted us in one way or another feel fully valued and appreciated. Remember too – some of these people do not have tamariki at kura or any other affiliation – they have just helped with either, goods, money or time regardless. So please whanau we count on you to help us make this perfect for all concerned. The speeches our beautiful tamariki make to each and every guest truly brings tears to your eyes, so much so, that on occasion some of the beneficiaries have ended up giving more before they leave. THIS IS NOT A DAY FOR PIZZA BREAD OR CHIPPIES AND THE LIKE PLEASE.

To avoid having too many of one thing – could each class / akomanga follow below please:

AK 1 – Savoury AK 2 – Sweet

AK 3 – Savoury AK 4 – Sweet

AK 5 – Savoury AK 6 – Sweet

AK 7 – Savoury AK 8 - Sweet

Your own tamariki do not need kai on this day unless they are particularly hungry as we always give them the left overs which usually are reasonably abundant. There will be no bought lunches available.

PŪKANA: Some of our tamariki are currently on Pūkana from their visit to Whakawātea last term. If you have missed this on Māori TV then you can catch up on TV On Demand or on Saturday on TV3 at 6.30am.

RAINBOWS END – 28 NOVEMBER: Please urgently return your permission slip or just email your approval and payment ASAP no later than 17 November as per below so that planning can be completed.

There will be no staff at kura on the day as kura is being implemented from Rainbows End on 28 Nov, NOT 132 Saxby’s Road.

We will be departing at 7.45am SHARP (be warned we leave on the dot!) so all travelling will need to be here ready to leave by then or they will be left behind. There will be staff at kura from at least 7.30am.


Normal uniform followed fully in all aspects with the proper sandals.


· Sports uniform with sports shoes.

· They will need to either wear their normal kura uniform CORRECTLY or their PE uniform CORRECTLY. They must be wearing proper shoes or they may not be able to go on the rides for safety reasons.

· Tamariki may bring their own sun hats or caps but they must bring them in their bags and will only be permitted to wear these once we arrive at Rainbows End.


We do not want any tamariki bringing any money on the trip for any reason. If any does it will be confiscated.


We expect to be back at kura at approximately 4pm.


They will need a large legal lunch and a large bottle of water for their day.

WHOLE KURA HŌPUNIPUNI (CAMP) HAERENGA 2017: We are planning our onshore haerenga for 2017 to Rotorua from 13-17 February. The cost is $375 per child and any accompanying adults are $465. It is important to hear from you all about whether your child/ren will be coming on the camp or not as we have to book and once the new year starts, it won’t be long and we will be gone so the planning and confirmations need to happen before the Xmas break. To ease the burden of camp costs and Xmas clashing a non-refundable deposit of $150 per child and per adult will be required by 15 December 2016 to confirm your child’s or an adults camp booking with the balance due the first week of term one, 2017. If you have an automatic payment set up for your kura account you are able to use this to pay for camp. If you would like to discuss ways to pay for camp please know we welcome supporting you as much as we possibly can with this as it is extremely beneficial for tamariki to participate in kura camp.

The proposed itinerary is as per below:

· 4 nights @ Keswick Camp including all meals

· Paradise Valley Springs – Lion Feeding

· Buried Village

· Te Puia

· Rainbow Springs – Bird Show

· Lakeland Queen Breakfast Cruise

· Rotorua Museum of Art & History

· Mana Adventures / Zorb

· Tamaki Hangi Dinner and Maori Concert

· 3D Maze

· Skyline Rotorua & Luge

HAERENGA 2018 – L.A, AMERICA: Our next offshore haerenga in 2018 will be to L.A, America as this was such a wonderful destination and experience last time we went. We will be attempting to stay a little longer 10 -12 days and change our itinerary slightly, something similar to the following:

· 3 day Disney Pass

· Universal Studios

· Lego Land

· Mexico Day Trip

· Las Vegas Day Trip

· Rain Forest Cafe

· NBA Game and / or Major League Baseball Game

· Hollywood Tour – Santa Monica Pier – Walk of Fame

NGĀ HAKINAKINA / SPORTS – TERM 4: Touch Rugby (Thursday’s after kura at Swarbrick Park) commenced yesterday and one junior Poiuka Ti / Tee Ball team (starting this Saturday morning at Resthills Park). We are immensely grateful to the whānau who are coaching and assisting our tamariki to be able to play sport they love, ngā mihi. Please be aware there is a minimal sports fee charged for all tamariki involved in our sports teams which will simply be charged to your accounts. We will also have our new sports uniforms available for term 4 which consist of Whakawātea black shorts and our new koru tops which will be the only acceptable uniform from 2017 onwards.

KURA UNIFORMS – SUMMER UNIFORM COMMENCES NOW – THIS TERM: These need to be on properly each and every day – no exceptions. No excessive jewellery, taongā and / or religious necklaces only, no arm bands, sleepers or small plain studs only. No long hanging multi coloured shorts under the girls’ dresses, if your daughter needs to wear something under her skirt then it needs to be short black bike shorts. No coloured singlets, bra tops or t-shirts under their school shirts, if they need something then it needs to be a plain white. Short sleeved shirts, plain black sandles, long pants or shorts with sandles, black hair ties and head bands ONLY. Sports uniforms need to be worn properly each and every time the tamariki play in Whakawātea Sports Teams as well please – these are available to purchase at the office.

RONGOĀ FOR SALE: We still have some of this available for sale and we would love whānau to purchase this before the end of this year as they can only stay available for so long.

KURA BANKING: Don’t forget kura banking – bring in your bank books and money each Tuesday and you will get them back by Thursday. This is a great tool for PROMOTING saving. Please see Whaea Kirsten to set up an account if you don’t have one already and would like one. We have our accounts with Credit Union, Collingwood Street. We also offer kura banking via ASB if you would prefer that alternative.

A REMINDER - NOTIFICATION OF ABSENTEEISM: Please remember to ring us no later than 9.30am to let us know your child is going to be away.

« You are obligated to have your child at kura. If your child is sick or absent then you need to let us know by 9.30am

« We need to make sure also that they are safe and that people know where they are

TOY DONATIONS TO TKR: we were hoping that some of you may have some appropriate girl toys sutiable for 4yr olds you might like to donate to our kōhanga as we are in desperate need of some please. Feel free to drop these in, we will be truly grateful.


Ngā Wāhanga / Term Dates:

Term 4 - 10 Oct – 15 Dec

8.11.16 - Kura Photos

15.11.16 - Thank You Morning Tea

25.11.16 - Kaiaka - Athletics Sports – 9.30am sharp

28.11.16 - Rainbows End

5.12.16 - Year 8 Dinner (by invitation only)

13 & 14.12.16 - Working Bee (jobs list on staffroom whiteboard)

15.12.16 - NO WĀ ATAWHAI

15.12.16 - Term 4 ends (Prizegiving 10am sharp, Ngāhau and

shared lunch, bring a plate to share)

Kura finishes directly after shared lunch, USUALLY 1 – 1.30pm with No Wā Atawhai service available.

Please sign & return with payment no later than Thursday 17 November 2016

Rainbows End

Monday 28 Nov 2016

I give permission for my child/children ____________________________ to travel & enjoy activities at Rainbows End in Auckland on Monday 28 Nov 2016. I also agree to pay the required fees as advised, $30 per person by 17 November 2016.

We will be leaving kura at 7.45am sharp. We will be back by approx 4pm. All tamariki will need to bring legal kai, a water bottle and will need to wear either their normal or sports uniform correctly or they will not be permitted to attend and will need to return home. They must also be wearing the correct sandals / shoes for safety reasons as well as uniform requirements.

Parent/Caregiver Name : ___________________ Date : _____________

Parent/Caregiver Signature: ______________________

Return with non-refundable camp deposit no later than 15 Dec 2016 – not able to extend deadline as we have to book


My tamaiti / tamariki ______________________________________ in Akomanga____

have permission to participate in the 2017 whole kura trip to Rotorua on 13 Feb 2017 returning 17 Feb 2017.

I ________________________________ agree to pay the trip expenses of $375 per child and $465 for any extra adults attending by week 1, term 1 2017 and a $150 non-refundable deposit per child / person no later than 15 December 2016.

I ________________________________ am able to be a parent helper and will assist with all tamariki, not just my own and the camp programme.

Contact Numbers:

Home _____________ Work ______________ Cell_______________

Any issues that need to be mentioned with regards to my child / ren such as allergies, medication information or important issues etc:

Signed: ________________________________ Date: _______________